Benefits of using OnlineBizValuations


Seamless Easy to Use Process

By following the Step by Step Online Procedure, ensures reliable, accurate and objective Valuation Reports

Valuation Method Selection Guideline

Valuation Method Decision Matrix guides one to select the correct Primary and Secondary Valuation methods

Enterprise and Equity Valuation

OnlineBizValuations provides both the Enterprise and Equity Valuation to facilitate the transaction options (i.e. to sell the business or to sell the shares)

Secure Online Access

Business Valuations can be done anytime and anywhere in a secure and protected online environment

Business Specific Discount Rate Computation

The Business Specific Risk Analysis facilitates the appropriate expected Rate of Return computation

Professional and Quality Valuation Report

The Valuation Report includes, for example:

  • Valuation Summary
  • Essential Graphs
  • Business and Financial Information
  • Assumptions and Calculations
  • Accurate Computations

Cost and Time Effective

A Pay-as-You Go (Pay per Valuation) on a cost effective basis. The Business Entity can be re-valued for a period of 12 months at the specified Valuation Date

The Valuation Input Sheet and Valuation Report can be generated in less than 60 minutes

Capitalisation Rate linked to economic Growth Rate

Changes in the economy's forecast Growth Rate (GDP) is automatically updated and built into the online Capitalisation Rate Computation

Audit Trail Evidence

Input Sheet Report and Output Valuation Report, and supporting documentation provides the objective audit trail evidence, which reduces the risk of disputes and potential litigation

Automatic Updates of Key Indicators

Interest rates, GDP rates, Risk free rates, and Expected risk premium are automatically updated when there are the applicable changes in these key indicators

Resource Centre

Internal Resource Centre available for OnlineBizValuations users, that includes, for example:

  • Valuation Mandate
  • Pre-Valuation Client Questionnaire
  • Planning the Business Valuation
  • Business Specific Risk Analysis
  • Which Primary Valuation Method
  • Valuation Method Decision Matrix
  • Valuation Definitions

Tax Planning and Tax Audits

The Valuation Reports will help in tax planning and provides the evidence for Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and Estate Duty audits by Revenue authorities and third parties